Mission:  About Us – Mutual Partners Association 501(c)(3) is a program that collaborates to implement summer programs for youth in urban communities that promote entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Through our year-round collaboration with volunteers, interns, businesses, groups, schools, and financial institutions, we can provide youth with a variety of creative and fun learning opportunities that teach entrepreneurship and financial literacy through free workshops (in Chicago’s low income urban communities). We incorporate an entrepreneurship and financial literacy curriculum into a variety of talents such as: filming, gardening, art, music, dance, coaching, culinary arts, business workshops and seminars in a manner which empowers teens. Our mission is to provide youth with a unique set of skills that include but are not limited to: money management, planning for the future, managing, marketing and starting a business, communication skills, critical thinking, teamwork, and financial reasoning skills – all of which are necessary to make sound financial decisions and succeed in today’s business market.

Vision Statement: Mutual Partners Association’s entrepreneurship and financial literacy program’s vision is to give teens the tools which enable them to evolve as the next generation of entrepreneurs and financially savvy consumers and investors.

Goals: Mutual Partners Association’s goals are to educate and motivate our youth to successfully manage their money and teach them entrepreneurial skills that will produce future business owners who will make valuable contributions to their community and country.