We are empowering parents to teach and to become active participants in our financial literacy programs in which we’ve designed for teens. Parents, have you begun preparing your children for college? This is often the time when reality sets that your child will soon be left to tackle life’s basic functions on their own. To help your student in this transition, it’s imperative that you begin teaching them the “financial facts of life.” By doing so, you will empower your child to make better choices financially. Studies indicate that parents are failing when it comes to teaching their children about finances. We invite all parents to participate alongside their teens in the financial literacy programs we have available. Furthermore, we are pleased to provide all of our parents with a guidebook when their child enrolls in our program. This book will help you to discuss financial matters such as budgeting, paying bills, credit cards, student loans, and managing accounts with your children. We also provide workshops for parents as well as financial coaching on money management that will serve you and your student well beyond their college years.