Unfortunately, financial literacy is not taught in many high schools and most people never receive critical personal financial literacy. Through our mobile classroom, we can travel to many urban communities and bring our program directly to the youth. Youth who partake in our financial literacy programs will gain many advantages. Regardless of their current knowledge level, students will know much more than the majority of their friends and acquaintances upon completing our program. This acquired knowledge will assist them in all areas of life. The students will participate in a fun and memorable learning experience while sharing practical personal financial lessons. These experiential events increase retention rates and motivate students to take positive action. In fact, we have a variety of programs to encourage student participation. Furthermore, classes are held after school (Please note, that the mobile classroom will be parked in the school parking lot). Summer programs follow a half-day schedule which will be offered five days a week. We invite parents to become active participants in the programs designed for teens. Parents are also welcome to enroll in our adult financial literacy programs.

Girls Empowerment Leadership Academy

Our leadership Program is geared towards girls who are being raised by a single parent, single legal guardian or their grandparent(s). The girls have the opportunity to spend their time in an educational program which allows them to interact with their peers in a safe learning environment. The students will work collaboratively together to learn team building skills. Our Leadership Program is an 6-month enrichment program created to build character, self-esteem and develop strong leadership skills in girls ages 9 – 14. The program offers interactive life-skills workshops, experiential learning activities, entrepreneur and career exploration, group mentoring and coaching, field trips and community service. The Program mission is to empower girls to prevent teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, gang involvement, decrease the high school dropout rate and other high risk behaviors, we do this by building self-esteem , confidence, and empowering them with knowledge and excellent mentors and coaching. It is mandatory that parents are actively involved throughout the program


Mutual Partners provides inner-city youth a creative and fun learning opportunity that teaches financial literacy through a mobile garden. Our program teaches gardening and natural science to inner-city youth, thereby improving their financial literacy through learning money management, planning, marketing, and managing an agriculturally-based business which also increases access to fresh produce in low income neighborhoods. The program’s mission is to provide the youth with a unique set of skills which include: communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and financial reasoning. These are skills necessary for them to make sound financial decisions and succeed in today’s workforce. The program also allows the youth to document their gardening experience through filming a mini-documentary that focuses on the entire entrepreneurial process from the conception of the garden to managing, selling, and reinvesting in the community.


The youth entrepreneurship workshop. The workshop is for young people who dream of starting their own business one day. Our program is designed to teach and promote entrepreneurship to high school students! This program also encourages teens to become productive, self-sufficient members of society, not just in terms of financial stability but also in terms of personal growth and fulfillment. We nurture their creativity and energy which strengthens their natural entrepreneurial spirit.


Mutual Partners helps youth who we are not able to service with grant money to attend other programs. We are able to achieve this by sponsoring youth with the enrollment fee they need for programs in their area. Programs must focus on character development, self-esteem and emotional skills as well as valuable life skills to help them thrive in life’s journey. We pay for programs that teach character development, peer mentoring and experiential learning through fun activities such as theater, music, art, and sports. Any student outside of our primary service area is encouraged to apply for our yearly grant awarded through The Women’s compilation Book Project. To learn more about this project you can go to