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Make a difference in the life of a youth. Volunteer Today! Financial support is only one aspect of how you can enrich the lives of inner-city students and help them to achieve their dreams. Through volunteering with us you will give high school students the tools they need to become future entrepreneurs and gain business experience through our workshops and seminars. Through our creative learning platform that teaches entrepreneurship and financial literacy through gardening, filming, and other talents you will provide an enriching experience to our inner-city students. Our programs are a time for building relationships with the youth, mentoring them, having fun, and sharing your skills and resources that might ultimately change the direction of an at-risk teenager. Too often, inner city teens find themselves over the summer break with nothing to do. We need people like you to help us bring summer programs and summer jobs to the low income neighborhoods. By doing so we can possibly reduce crime, lower the high school dropout rate, and eliminate the growing number of senseless murders that take the lives of hundreds of Chicago children every year.


Inner-city teens need funds to attend programs that builds self-esteem. You can do this by telling your story to the world. You can inspire hope, motivation, and encouragement by joining The Women’s Compilation Book Project. A charitable project, which give you the opportunity to write a short story that is publish and sold. Every time someone buys the book 100% of the proceeds go to our grant program with we award to students to attend after school programs such as music, art, sports and theater. Yes, you are donating your story to the project to help the youth.
It “does” take a village to raise a child and we need people like you to become personally involved in helping our teens become productive, self sufficient, educated adults.


Internships are the most effective way to gain work experience before graduation. Student interns are a valuable benefit to The Mutual Partners Association. Having practical, hands-on experience allows the interns to perfect the requisite skills needed for success. Student interns bring a unique, innovative, nontraditional, educational approach utilizing hands-on learning. Internships take students into the community where they will apply what they have learned in the classroom. We are always in need of interns for our summer and after school programs. If you are a business, finance, or art major (music, drama, film, etc.), please help us to make a difference in a teenager’s life. Contact us today!